Our Mission

CAUSS (Citizens Against Urban Sprawl Society) is dedicated to preserving critical environmentally significant and sensitive natural areas in Mission, British Columbia.

As a non-profit society, we stand for:

  • Reasonably managed growth and sustainable development.
  • Responsible fiscal planning by local government.
  • Meaningful public participation in the development process.
  • Protection of critical wildlife habitat needed to ensure continuity of species at risk.
  • Protection of streams, wetlands and groundwater aquifers.
  • Land use planning that incorporates tree protection, public transit, and other initiatives to combat climate change.
  • Preservation of the Agricultural Land Reserve, a non-negotiable resource for all British Columbians.

CAUSS is strongly supported by people just like yourself, and the Western Canadian Wilderness Committee which lists us as an official member of their Healthy Communities initiative. We sincerely hope you embrace our mission and support us in ensuring responsible and ethical development planning. Visit our Contact page for details on how you can support us.